Futurecromine Market

They needed to know how the PDH projects could impact the regional and global propylene markets, supply chain forces, and how distribution could be affected by pipeline infrastructure changes. Additionally, they were also interested to find out about the impact of a North American investment on Asian propylene capacity.

Our Solution: On understanding the urgency, The Insight quickly made a sketch and identified the regional. A set of were from each section of  and custom vetted on the specific requirements to ensure the client receives the right expertise. A total of 5 subject matter experts were scheduled for telephonic consultations with the client by TEI, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, ease of work, and compliance.

 Result: The client gained the landscape and propelling market forces both from the demand and supply side. The wholistic perspectives helped them identify the right suppliers, distributors, and locate strategically correct plant locations thus unfolding a roadmap to execute the expansion.